Jim Peach Motors wants to take you back a few years here with this great picture of a pink vintage Ford Thunderbird. Ford has been designing and manufacturing excellent, good-looking cars for decades, and once you become a member of the Ford family it's hard to put your heart elsewhere.

You too can reap the benefits of driving a Ford, we've sure got a great selection here in Brewton! We’ve got a variety of both new and pre-owned Ford cars, trucks, SUVS and crossovers that will surely wow you and anybody in your general vicinity. Whatever you've been looking for in a vehicle, our friendly staff will help you find in one of our Fords. Your new Ford will provide you with a reliable, safe and comfortable ride while taking you to exciting places for years to come.

The Ford you purchase from us here in Brewton could someday become a classic, so come on down and find your favorite model today.

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