Kicking off at the end of 2014, Ford Performance promises north of twelve all-new performance vehicles launching by 2020. We've already seen several of them, and one is already on the market. Combining SVT, Team RS, and Ford Racing, these models will take the brand to a new height in the realm of thrill-seeking driving.

So far, the models launched by the division have been quite well received. For example, the Focus RS is already winning hearts and minds after a few short months on the market. But it's not the only one arriving in the near future. The beastly 450 horsepower Raptor is also on its way, along with the GT, which will boast 600+ horsepower later this year.

To get more information on the Blue Oval's performance marque, stay tuned to our blog. You can also learn more by contacting our Ford dealership in Ferndale, MI and scheduling a test drive.

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