You know that the Ford EcoBoost engine provides efficiency and power through direct injection and turbocharging... but do you know what it would do to a blender?

Action movie star Dolph Lundren finds out.

The average blender has a 4-horsepower motor. The EcoBoost engine has around 30 times as much. So what happens when you hook up a blender to the engine?

As Lundren predicts, the wimpy blender tears itself apart instantly.

That's why he builds the Blender of Brutality. Chest height, this massive blender was engineered to withstand the horsepower of the EcoBoost.

Cackling like a madman in his lab coat, the muscular Swede blends bushels of whole fruit, then shreds silverware, and even wood (after he karate-punches through it).

It's all in a day's work for a Ford engine. While the EcoBoost engine can be quite useful in industrial-scale blending, we think it is put to better use in our new Ford vehicles at Jim Peach Motors Inc. in Brewton, AL.

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