Don't let the 2017 Ford Super Duty's muscle fool you. This is a revamped heavy-duty pickup with brains and moves to match its brawn. Just ask John Brenkus and his Tough Science crew after this convincing run through a dicey obstacle course.

Maybe we're optimistic, but we have a feeling that its segment-first adaptive steering system will change standards for maneuverability in its class the way its military-grade aluminum alloy body and high-strength steel frame will change the notion of making a truck both lighter and sturdier. Simply put, the 2017 Super Duty does more while asking drivers to do less. We increased steering wheel input to the point of requiring up to a full rotation less effort for smarter; tighter turns at low speeds.

While we were at it, we brought blind spots to the brink of extinction. Thanks to high-resolution digital cameras positioned 360 degrees around its body, the 2017 Super Duty now provides a complete field of view displaying its surroundings. We usually love surprises. When we're behind the wheel? Not so much.
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