We all are familiar with the problem of having a blind spot in our car. That is the spot where it is impossible to see if there is a car right behind us coming up on our right or left using our mirrors. Unless we physically turn our heads in that direction, we just cannot tell. Ford has an answer for that called the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS).

The Blind Spot Information System is a tool that helps remind us when it is not safe to enter the other lane. It works by using strategically placed sensors that detect when vehicles are approaching and are within ten feet of the bumper. This activates warning lights on side mirrors.

Also included in the Blind Spot Information System is the Cross Traffic Alert. This alert is activated any time you put your vehicle in reverse. Simultaneously, the BLIS is switched off as the CTA is switched on to warn if vehicles are detected approaching from the left or right.

For more information about the BLIS system and its use in Brewton contact Jim Peach Motors Ford.

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