Ford has made the efforts of ensuring that you get the most from 2017 Ford Focus’s advanced technology. Ford brings you advanced technology at your fingertips. The 2017 Ford Focus’s technology is not for convenience only. These technology features help you change the way you can interact with the vehicle. The Ford Focus come with an offered high-speed Sync performance, an interactive touchscreen with the ability to swipe, improved voice recognition, and offers powerful navigation with easy destination entry and ability to zoom.

Not only can your 2017 Ford Focus be integrated with Siri seamlessly, but it is also automatically updated over the WiFi connected to the internet. In the flash of a second, the SNYC 3 offered, provides the most advanced connectivity. The 2017 Ford Focus also offers the push-button start feature that allows you to get in and start your car without even removing the key from your pockets. Apart from being integrated with the latest technology, the 2017 Ford Focus also uses advanced technology to enhance your experience. Come to Jim Peach Motors Inc so we can show you all that Ford is offering you.

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