Damage to the tires on your vehicle can result in them failing at the worst possible time. As a local Brewton solution for staying on top of your tires' quality, our staff at Jim Peach Motors Inc has strived to ensure the longevity of your wheels with routine check-up. If you still notice abnormal wear to your vehicle's tires, then there are a few reasons for why that is occurring:

  • Driving with too little or too much air in the tires could cause the edges to wear too quickly.
  • If the front end of the vehicle has not been aligned in a while, it will have a negative impact on the tires.
  • When the tires are not rotated on a regular basis, they will begin to show signs of wear on one tire more than others.
  • Not having the vehicle services means you are not getting professional eyes on the tires to spot trouble before it becomes trouble.

At our dealership, we can inspect tire wear, give the vehicle a full inspection and maintenance check, and get you the right set of tires that will last for many years to come. Be sure to capitalize on our expertise with a visit to 518 South Blvd today!

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