Even though Alabama isn't known for its freezing winter weather, there are still a few things you should do to prepare your vehicle for the cooler weather around Brewton, AL, Century, FL, and beyond. Here's a list of several winter services our service center at Peach Ford recommends.

Oil Changes

No matter whether you're driving your Ford F-150 around Atmore, AL, or commuting to work in Monroeville, AL, if your oil change light appears, you'll want to schedule an oil change appointment as soon as possible. The engine's oil does a lot of work, making sure the engine stays lubricated, clean, and cooled. Over time, the oil begins to deteriorate, which can lead to a much larger and more expensive engine issue. Most vehicles require an oil change every 7,500 miles, with most modern models reminding you when the oil needs to be replaced.

Tire Inspections and Rotations

Even though there won't be any snow to worry about during the winter months, you'll still want to make sure that your car's tires are ready to travel around Evergreen, AL, and beyond. Give each tire a thorough inspection, checking for dings, scratches, and low tread. You should also ensure the tire pressure is right where it needs to be, adjusting as required. If your tires are in bad shape, you'll want to have them replaced right away. Driving on tires that are damaged or don't hold air properly can lead to flat tires or blowouts.

Because you aren't changing your summer tires over to winter tires, you'll want to schedule a tire rotation instead. All four tires don't wear at the same rate, causing certain tires to wear more than others and leaving your vehicle unbalanced. To help stop this from occurring, a tire rotation switches the tires to different positions, keeping all four tires wearing evenly.

Brake Inspections and Repairs

Have your brakes been squealing lately? Have you noticed that your car shudders whenever you come to a stop? Does your brake pedal go down to the floor when you push on it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll want to have your car's brakes inspected and repaired. Squealing, a spongy brake pedal, and shuddering are all warning signs of a failure in the brake system.

Climate Control System Inspection

Even though the temperature around Brewton, AL, doesn't go too low, you'll want to make sure that your climate control system is working well. Test out the heat to ensure it's blowing out of the climate system hot and with the right amount of power. You should also test the a/c just to be sure it's also working correctly. If it's not, schedule an appointment to have the climate control inspected and repaired.

Schedule Your Service Appointment at Peach Ford

If your car, truck, SUV, or van requires any form of vehicle maintenance or repair, our team, here at Peach Ford, would love to help. Feel free to use our online service scheduling tool or contact our service center directly. We can find an appointment that best fits your busy schedule and answer any service questions you may have. We may even offer a service special that matches your vehicle's needs, saving you money along the way.

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